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4th February 2023

In an already busy Academy Club, the Raymonds start off tonight’s proceedings, and as usual with this band the set begins with an abundance of energy! Drum beats puncture the sound, then waves of crashing guitars, melodic riffs, skippy beats, mellow bass lines and a real party feel. Vocal is mellow, steady and light, with a sometime grate which is a joy to listen to – that’s what this whole sound is…joyful! 

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New Sound Generation Music Magazine

WAM presents The Raymonds with Special Guests at FC2

30th September 2022

So in FC2  now it’s packed, heat levels have risen and there’s a real buzz, a mounting excitement…then, in what can only be described as an epic burst of energy, crashing guitars and rapid fire drumming, our headline act, The Raymonds, explode into their set before us and the crowd goes wild.

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Warrington Radio

Welcome to WAM Exposure week 146

14th July 2022

We were delighted to have Finn and Evan from The Raymonds join us in the Radio Warrington Studio. The Young alt-pop band, with a twist of funk, are 4-Piece from Warrington who have just released their debut single, 'Nights With You'. We gave the track it's first play, as well as that we have a couple acoustic tracks from the lads 

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The Warrington Guardian

The Raymonds release debut single ‘Nights With You’

15th July 2022


SUNG with maturity and sounding smooth yet funky, this band from Stockton Heath have released their debut single and it could be the start of something special.

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New Sound Generation Music Magazine

For One Mike Only at Friars court2

15th May 2022

The Raymond’s are a fairly new band, but have exploded into the local music scene and are much talked about, and it’s all good, so I’m really keen to see them for what will be the first time.

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The Warrington Guardian

The Raymonds band from Stockton Heath

29th December 2021

PERFORMING a first gig is never an easy task, but to have the audience chanting ‘one more song’, it means you must have done something right.

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